The Men's Shop

Welcome to The Golden Boot Men’s Department. We’re one of the largest dedicated men’s shoe shops in the UK. With a focus on English and heritage shoe brands, we have been fitting gentleman’s shoes for over 200 years, and now boast a varied and refined collection of footwear.

For the classic gentleman, we have the wonderful Loake and Barker, offering perfectly timeless wingtips and loafers. From the Australian outback come RM Williams with their sleek lines and top quality leather. If it’s a statement pair you’re after then Jeffery West will be the brand for you.

We also stock a capsule range of Barbour and Dubarry clothing, to accommodate the countryman in you, and with a history in manufacturing as well as retail, we have also developed our very own shoe collection. Like everything we do, the attention to detail is scrupulous; the quality is second to none, and the overall buying experience?

Unforgettable !!!

Come in and find something you like. Relax, have a coffee, and allow our passionate and knowledgeable sales team to find the perfect pair.


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