The Golden Boot Heritage

The Golden Boot History

The Golden Boot was founded in Maidstone in 1790. Today, seven generations on, it’s still in the hands of the same family and run by father and son team Lawrence Martin, Chairman and Edward Martin, Managing Director.

The original site was at Number 36 Gabriel’s Hill, opposite where the present shop is now sited. In 1845 the shop moved to number 25 and then, 35 years later, following a disastrous fire at the premises of Mr Ralph’s the grocers, the business was moved into the newly built premises on the site now occupied by the present Ladies department.

In 1845 we opened workshops in Palace Yard, where some twenty craftsmen were employed making half of the stock sold in the shop. About this time, the famous 6 foot Wellington boot was mounted on the front of the building. Most shoe shops of this period had this type of sign outside, but few remain today.

The late poet laureate Sir John Betjeman once wrote: «The Barbers striped pole has almost disappeared and so has the huge golden boot hanging over the shop, though I know a very fine one in Maidstone»!

The Golden Boot has seen many changes and today boasts a comprehensive family shoe shop and a dedicated online store offering traditional service that it has been renowned for the past 225 years. We are recognised in the industry as one of the leading independent shoe shops.


The Golden Boot Culture

We are truly passionate about shoes. We believe that product and good service are key. We believe that balancing fashion with fit is paramount. We source our ranges from all over the world, choosing to work with brands and factories that operate with the same ethos as us also placing an emphasis on innovation and progression. We attend the key global trade shows and also regularly visit factories.

At The Golden Boot we value your custom and want to ensure that you are entirely happy with your purchase and have an enjoyable experience in the shop. Our sales team are on hand at all times. Each member of the team is professionally trained and genuinely wants to ensure that you have a memorable visit.

The Golden Boot continues to innovate in both product and store design; it continues to stand out from the crowd in today’s homogenised high street, offering a range of products with something just that little bit different.